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12 things to do in Australia

Planning to go to Australia? Don’t miss our Top 12 things to do while you are there.

12. Skiing or making a snowman at Mount Kosciusko (NSW.)
So the heat isn’t your cup of tea? Then come to Australia in Winter, (Here, that’s from June to August.) and play in the winter wonderland of Mount Kosciusko.

11. Go 4WD on the Birdsville Track (WA>QLD.)
The Mountains too cold for you? You want a true blue Aussie experience? Then catch a 4 Wheel Drive and drive across the Birdsville Track from Western Australia through to Queensland. You get to see the amazing sights of Australia’s infamous fauna, but be warned. You don’t want to move too fast if you end up facing off with a snake. Best to move as slowly as possible to give it a way to escape. This country has earned it’s reputation for deadly wildlife.

10. Visit ‘Arnhem Land’ (NT)
Named after the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands, Arnhem Land boasts a 97,000 square km land, of which Kakadu is part of. It is said that this place is home to the world’s oldest stone axe, supposedly 35,500 years old.

9. Enjoy the view at Cataract Gorge (Launceston, TAS.)
This vast gorge in Launceston may be located in a rough part of the city, but is completely worth it for the view. Bonus points if you come in winter, where the natural amber that the leaves paint the town in will leave you speechless.

8. Hiking at Kakadu National Park
Take the walking track from Jabiru to Bowali, which is about 4km long, (so bring a bottle of water, especially if you’re here from November to Febuary, which are our warmest months.

7. Hop a ferry to Magnetic Island (Townsville, QLD.)
Located just off from Townsville, ‘Maggie Island’ is a short ferry from there, and is home to beautiful sights, such as lagoons, forests, and beaches. The name was given to the island due to the effect it had on Captain Cook’s compass as he sailed past it.

6. Go Koala Watching at Raymond Island. (Just off from Paynesville, Victoria.)
Another out of the way trip. Just an hour from Sale, lies Paynesville, a town located by a lake huge enough that you would swear it’s an ocean in its own right. You are technically right, as the water comes from the ocean at high tide, and while the water is home to harmless jellyfish that only leave you with a mild tickling sensation, and a one of a kind species of dolphin, the real tourist attraction is the Island that lay on a 5 minute ferry trip away, where you can catch a horse and carriage to go koala watching. But be warned, Koala’s have claws, and they’re not often hesitant to use them, so don’t get too close.

5. Take in the beauty of Lord Howe Island (NSW.)
Located between Australia and New Zealand, Lord Howe Island is a volcanic island, home to the Black-wing Petrel, whose numbers have grown since the control of feral cats on the island.

4. Make the Pilgramige to Uluru.
To make a reference to Lord of the rings ‘One does not simply visit Down Under, without seeing Uluru. The Aboriginal culture that lay on the vast red rock, has drawn many people to it, and will be doing so for many years more.

3. Catch a ‘Morning Glory’ at the Gulf of Carpentaria, in Northern Australia.
No, not that type of ‘Morning Glory’. This is a name for a very rare cloud formation, that appears most often in the Gul of Carpentaria, in the mornings, and they are long ropes of cloud, that can span 1000km along the skies.

2. See the Dinosaur Footprints at Gantheaume Points (Broome, WA.)
So you fancy yourself a bit of a dinosaur enthusiast. They I would suggest seeing the footprints at Gantheaume Point. You simply cannot go wrong with dinosaurs if you come here.

1. Go see ‘Logan’ the rare blue eyed Koala at Dreamworld. (Gold Coast, QLD)
Caused by a rare pigment defect, Loganm the blue eyed Koala calls Dreamworld Home, on the Gold Coast. And don’t think that’s all you can do, as Gold Coast is also home to a few of this country’s best theme parks.

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