Saturday, 25 Mar 2023

12 Remote Travel Destinations You Can Visit

Some of the most exciting travel destinations to visit are far from pubic eyes. Remote places offer unadulterated beauty, waiting to be explored and revealed from a cover of mystery. You might want to book your next trip to any of these top 12 remote travel destinations.

12. Tristan da Cunha

This British territory lies more than a thousand miles from the nearest inhabited land and 1,500 miles from the nearest metropolis in South Africa.

You can only get there by scheduling a trip via a research vessel in Cape Town, but once you get there, you will be amazed how only 266 people get to keep a posh pub, a nine-hole golf course, and rich rustic land all for themselves.

The fusion of pristine mise-en-scene and luxury in this place is just so tempting. If you want to actually get off the boat you have to have pre-approval from the island council, which can be hard to come by.

11. Chinijo Archipelago

This remote area of the Canary Islands is a haven for avid birdwatchers. It is home to some of the most important and rarest bird species, and if you are lucky enough, you might even see 14 endemic species of vertebrates. The stunning view from the highest cliff is just a bonus.

10. Foula

Commonly called the “loneliest place in Britain,” Foula is home to less than 50 people, most of whom farm for a living. There is nothing fancy about this island, but the serenity that you will feel from walking its luscious paths is priceless.

A lot of people who have visited this place believe that merely staring at its bright green land and deep blue sea for a few minutes is enough to wash away a whole year’s stress.

9. Svalbard Archipelago

This Norwegian ice land is the best place to observe glaciers and icebergs up-close and personal. Exploration can be done by boarding a ship or going on a trek with experienced groups.

8. Perth

Many people do not know that this Australian city is one of the most isolated cities in the world. It has a population of over two million, but the nearest city is actually 2,500 miles away—Sydney. It is considered as one of the liveliest cities in the world, so tourists will never run out of things to do day in and day out.

Visiting one of the largest inner city parks in the world, the Kings Park and Botanical Garden, is also a must.

7. Lake Baikal

This Russian pride is described in many superlatives on a global scale—deepest freshwater lake, oldest lake, clearest lake, and largest unfrozen freshwater lake. However, you do not have to explore its deepest part to appreciate its beauty. It is home to more than 2,000 species of flora and fauna, and two-thirds of them can only be found here.

6. Macquarie Island

This is not a famous tourist destination. In fact, it has no permanent population. However, this island southeast of Australia is a Unesco World Heritage Site with lots of unique attractions.

This is the only place in the world where rocks below the crust appear above surface. Aside from the jaw-dropping landscape and majestic lakes, you will also have a lot of chances to see penguins, elephant seals, and albatrosses up close.

5. Urumqi City

This Chinese city that once served as the most important commercial hub on the Silk Road is the farthest city from the coastline in the world. Forget about beaches for a while though, as this tranquil place offers what the locals call the “Asian Swiss Alps.” Climb the mountains, ride a horse along the lakeshore, or just relax in any of its classy yet inexpensive resorts.

4. Deception Island

Antarctica is remote alright, but not many tourists like to explore it unless they are fond of extreme adventures. This island is the best place to start introducing yourself to this continent.

It has the famous Hektor Whaling Station and another Antarctic Treaty Historic Site known to be the largest cemetery in the continent.

3. Honolulu

Many people do not know that this Hawaiian capital is actually the remotest city in the world. It is not exactly isolated as proven by its half million residents and millions of tourists.

Swimming and sunbathing in the beaches are mandatory, but you will also enjoy shopping, eating, and visiting its cultural centers. Oh, you should also try surfing.

2. Easter Island

How an island located more than 2,100 miles south of Chile becomes a staple in history and travel books is quite astonishing in itself. You probably know this island as the place where the famous Moia statues guard the land.

Despite its remoteness, this Unesco World Heritage Site is one of the most visited ancient places in South America. Expect a balance of nature and history when you visit this place.

1. Madagascar

You won’t find Alex the lion or any of his gang here, but you will definitely find awakening when you embrace the beauty of wildlife and nature at their very best. Tourists will never run out of options in touring the land and immersing with nature, be it by air, by water, or by land.

It basically offers everything a hardcore nature lover can dream of, which is expected from the fourth largest island on the planet.