Monday, 2 Oct 2023

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If you’re just itching to get 12 things off your chest… send us your list.

Rules of submissions

1. Must be Top 12 format (think: Top 12 Things to…)
2. No Wikipedia “direct” copying (or any other source)
3. No spun content, links in text or general “just for SEO”-stuff (but you will get a link, if you to, to a website of your choosing)
4. 700-900 words is usually the best, sample list
5. There is no guarantee of inclusion

If you’re not sure the toplist “fits”, contact us before writing your list

Tips for a great list

1. Write about what you know, unusual facts are always popular.
2. High quality lists will get more views, shares etc.
2. That’s it!

Rules on our end

1. We will give you credit (link and short presentation, please include in submission)
2. We will read all submissions

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